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Indie hacker milestone

From Zero Coding Skills to Building and Selling my Apps within 1.5 Years

If you always wanted to build your own apps but lacked the coding skills or the courage, then this story will definitely inspire you. I have a Google Sheet full of product ideas I have been collecting for years. But as you probably guessed, I haven’t really done anything to test these ideas. 🤷 I’m pretty sure this sounds familiar to you. The main reason? I’m not a coder. Back then, I had no idea how to create a single website—not even a simple web application. I was in a mental trap. I told myself I was unable to learn code.

TV Premiere Alert: A Tool I Built without Writing Code

Quick story 🗺️Fast forward todayI used to think I was unable to learn code, but one day, I took a website development course on Udemy where I built a website from scratch, and that triggered a series of events. I gained confidence (a beginner web dev course makes magic) and started building websites. Since then, I built my first very simple web app using JavaScript (more on this in a further post). And there will be many more to come! Without that course, I probably would still be just thinking about my ideas without taking action, pitying myself because I…

Monthly Update #2: Shipped Products, Takeaways

Two months have already gone. Time flies super fast, especially if you’re extremely busy. Honestly, this month was much harder than I expected. At my full-time job, we’re publishing a new report, and I had to coordinate the whole thing, making sure things worked as expected. Also, there are many smaller things that had to be done in a relatively short time. Besides my full-time job, I spend 5 hours a week consulting a startup on growth. So, only weekends and late nights remained for coding. At this point, I’m spending a bit more time doing video courses and reading…

Ship products - monthly update

Monthly Update #1: Shipped products, takeaways

I wanted to give a quick update on my progress of building 10 products this year. I intend to show you exactly how things happen, how I tackle my ups and downs and share all the things I learn about myself and shipping products. Since 8.3% of the year is already gone 😱, here is the first update. Foods Dogs Can Eat: an app that checks if a given human food is good or bad for your dog. You can check it on PH, it was the 4th product of the day. Revenue generated: $0 It’s not the most crucial goal…

Shipping 10 products

I Didn’t Quit My Job, but I Will Build 10 Products this Year

I didn’t quit my job but will build 10 products this yearThere are many stories about people who yelled YOLO, quit their jobs and started building things. I admire those people, but I took a different approach. I keep my job while spending most of my free time launching 10 products (MVPs) this year and also aiming to reach 1000 dollars revenue per month. Every single time I came up with a new product idea to test, I hit a roadblock. I can’t code. The next logical step would have been to learn to code and build my own stuff, right?…