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TV Premiere Alert: A Tool I Built without Writing Code

Quick story 🗺️Fast forward todayI used to think I was unable to learn code, but one day, I took a website development course on Udemy where I built a website from scratch, and that triggered a series of events. I gained confidence (a beginner web dev course makes magic) and started building websites. Since then, I built my first very simple web app using JavaScript (more on this in a further post). And there will be many more to come! Without that course, I probably would still be just thinking about my ideas without taking action, pitying myself because I…

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I Didn’t Quit My Job, but I Will Build 10 Products this Year

I didn’t quit my job but will build 10 products this yearThere are many stories about people who yelled YOLO, quit their jobs and started building things. I admire those people, but I took a different approach. I keep my job while spending most of my free time launching 10 products (MVPs) this year and also aiming to reach 1000 dollars revenue per month. Every single time I came up with a new product idea to test, I hit a roadblock. I can’t code. The next logical step would have been to learn to code and build my own stuff, right?…